Senior Technical support Engineer

This position is responsible for supporting Customer Network Simulation testing in several solution areas utilizing our network and third-party products. The individual must have thorough knowledge of the most popular test equipment vendors and be able to write test plans that map to strengths of our products and solutions they support. Advanced troubleshooting skills, ability to write scripts are a must. Other tasks may involve customer demonstrations, technical presentations, and technical documentation. In addition the individual must be able to work as a member of the SE team during all phases of testing. Provide timely feedback to management and SE stake holders on test progress and impediments.

• Job Scope

·Demonstrate technology/solution knowledge through discussions with customers and provide feedback to engineering and PLM.

·Assist in the review and negotiation of test plans submitted by account teams.

·Develop test configurations based on test plans submitted by account teams.

·Plan, Design and Execute a written test plan based on requirements gathered from the customer and the account teams. Example documents may be EDRD “Engineering Design Requirements Document” or FOU “Field of Use”.

·Report on test finding to the customer and account teams make recommendation where appropriate.

·Maintain a repository of our test data on appropriate documentation site.

·Support SE teams assigned to the accounts that you are assigned too.

·Maintain the ability to present any canned demonstrations offered in the supported our technology area.

·Responsible for technical development of other individuals within the technical discipline they are responsible for. Including mentoring to the next level certification, assisting with complex testing, mapping out next level technical growth milestones.


·BS/MS in engineering/computer science/telecommunications with 8-10 years experience in the networking industry or 15 years equivalent work experience

·Advanced knowledge of test plan methodology

·Routing protocol knowledge such as: BGP, MPLS, OSPF, Multicast.

·Mastery of CLI and/or network management commands for products in the selected technology area.

·Advanced knowledge of competitive products and solutions and their configuration

·Excellent presentation, verbal and technical writing skills

·Scripting knowledge such as: TCl, Perl, C-shell, Python, Java Script etc..